Count down!

It’s the opposite, I want to tell everyone, but it’s got to be the right time … when I am ready

“Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beautiful things.”

Khalil Gibran

Today, there is no one who can ruin a beautiful thing.

Today we, my husband and I, were quite excited. Our travel pack arrived. Most impressive it is. Well presented with every bit of information that we need. Well done to the travel people. If our trip is as organised as you have been thus far – we can only look forward to a wonderful, wonderful time.

There’s still time before we leave.

It’s quite difficult to travel and tell no one. I want to share what I see. What I learn. What I do.

Each of us sees what we want to see through our own eyes. What may be beautiful to me, may not be to you. What moves me, may not move you. So, on our journeys I write for myself. I write and I see what I see. If you see what I see, if you like what I write, that is a wonderful bonus for me.

“Live a true love story and tell no one.” Tell no one? But tell the one you love, at the very least! To live a love story on your own is sad. Maybe there are those who do so, for whatever reason. To each his own.

“Live happily and tell no one.” It’s possible that you don’t need to tell anyone, because if you’re happy, you are passing those happy vibrations to all around you.

Yes, people can ruin beautiful things. I am sure we have all ruined something beautiful at some time. I know I have. Inadvertently just saying “you look great” at the wrong time, when s/he doesn’t feel it. Sometimes we don’t think. But I don’t think it is ever intentional. Well, I hope not.

Right now, nothing can ruin the feeling. The feeling that we have!

Travelling to places new. This blog will trace our journey. Will report the good and the not so good. Sharing photos and experiences that may be useful to you at some time in the future.
Written by Cecily Lalloo 25 February 2017

Author: Cecilyswritings

Woman, mum, nana, wife, sister, aunt, friend, mentor, business woman, HR specialist. Love keeping in touch with people around the world using social media - so far and yet so near. Fingers in a few pies and now sharing my words. My Motto: Go for it! Believe you can and you can.

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