I’m not indispensable!

“… just follow these simple instructions, and see how they humble your soul.”

“The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

Gilbert K. Chesterton

I am a small business owner. It is not so easy to leave the business to go off on holiday. There is so much to do before I leave.

Most importantly, it is making sure I leave my clients, knowing that they are in capable hands, being looked after by people who I can count on. I am leaving a team who I know will do me proud.

But, I do not find it very easy to ‘let go’. This will be a new experience for me. How will I fare?

My late Dad once told me – when I thought my boss couldn’t do without me, “put your hand in a bucket of water … “, he said, then he quoted this poem …

“The Indispensable Man” by Saxon White Kessinger.

SOMETIMES WHEN you’re feeling important

Sometimes when your ego’s in bloom

Sometime when you take it for granted

You’re the best qualified in the room

Sometime when you feel that your going

Would leave an unfillable hole

Just follow these simple instructions

And see how they humble your soul.

TAKE A BUCKET and fill it with water

Put you hand in it up to the wrist

Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining

Is a measure of how much you’ll be missed

You can splash all you wish when you enter

You may stir up the water galore

But stop, and you’ll find that in no time

It looks quite the same as before.

THE MORAL of this quaint example

Is to do just the best that you can

Be proud of yourself but remember

There’s no indispensable man.

Travelling to places near or far. This blog will trace our journeys, or travels. Will report the good and the not so good. Sharing photos and experiences that may be useful to you at some time in the future. Just saying … the posts may be written after the event!
Written by Cecily Lalloo 26 February 2017

Author: Cecilyswritings

Woman, mum, nana, wife, sister, aunt, friend, mentor, business woman, HR specialist. Love keeping in touch with people around the world using social media - so far and yet so near. Fingers in a few pies and now sharing my words. My Motto: Go for it! Believe you can and you can.

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