We have arrived

The start of a wonderful journey …

“Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives, and the serious part of frivolous ones.”

Anne Sophie Swetchine


Sao Paulo.

Meet and greet.

Family and Friends.

Long journey.

Chatty travel companions.





17 million people.




We are in Sao Paulo!

Arrived this morning.

What a lovely welcome we had both at the airport

And on Whatsapp!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A City with all the modern buildings

Glass fronted offices

Sat next to art deco-like towers of apartments.

Electric wires seeming tangled

But carrying light and sound

To all parts of the City.

Favelas hidden deep

Behind and inside

Roads small and winding

Not knowing where they

Take us.

Then out to the heavy laden

Traffic encrusted main roads

Relaxed with refreshing fruit juice


A drive into the City

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

City life.

Modern malls with everything

Good looking people

Warm and friendly.

Food. Delicious. Fresh. No meat for me.

Then to our hotel.

A wonderful and hospital day

Spent with a delightful young woman

Meeting us, driving us around

Ensuring a reunion with our daughter

Meeting her lovely hubby

At their beautiful home.

Thank you. Tchau. Ate logo.



Reading the tourist guides.

Planning tomorrow.

Feeling the cool of the night

As we take a walk around

The neighbourhood.

Our first foray into the busy

Night life of Sao Paulo

On our own.

Looking forward to the

Next few days

As sleep arrives

To take over.

Boa noite.

Travelling to places near or far. This blog will trace our journeys, or travels. Will report the good and the not so good. Sharing photos and experiences that may be useful to you at some time in the future. Just saying … the posts may be written after the event! Brazil here we come!

Written by Cecily Lalloo 24 March 2017





Author: Cecilyswritings

Woman, mum, nana, wife, sister, aunt, friend, mentor, business woman, HR specialist. Love keeping in touch with people around the world using social media - so far and yet so near. Fingers in a few pies and now sharing my words. My Motto: Go for it! Believe you can and you can.

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