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if you’re visiting York City … read this blog by Little Miss Traveller as you may be pleasantly surprised.

Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” Oscar Wilde

One of the travel blogs I follow is Little Miss Traveller. I like the detailed explanations about the tiniest things that make the difference to a traveller. I feel like I’m actually with Little Miss in the place she’s at.

I’m one of the worst for sharing … and as for reblogging … well I’m not sure what I do or don’t do but often my reblogging doesn’t “work”.

But look, here is a share. I tell myself that I must do better. Must share more and reblog as there is so much interesting information that I can make available in a helpful way.

This sounds like a lovely place to stay in York City. It’s called Roomzzz and hope you enjoy the read as much as I did … I’m even borrowing Little Miss Travellers feature photo to lure you in here …

We were very impressed with our stay at Roomzzz York City with its peaceful riverside setting and easy access to city centre attractions and shopping. The Aparthotel offers the best of both worlds as it combines a fully serviced hotel room with the added luxury of additional dining and living areas. Not only that, with the benefit of a fully fitted kitchen, guests have the option of dining in or out as they please. The accommodation is perfect for both leisure, business travellers and families as many rooms sleep 4 guests.

Read the blog here

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