A Pretty City – York

York, a pretty city in my view. First visit, first impressions but I didn’t see it’s historical splendour. I’ll have to go back …

I posted on LinkedIn that I’d been to York for the first time, and one of the comments I received is : People who haven’t been to York haven’t lived … so I’m very pleased to know that at last I live … having just visited the City of York!

The hubby and I spent Wednesday and Thursday this week in York. I attended a conference held by BABICM, which is the British Association of Brain Injury and Complex Case Management. Our company provide an HR service to clients is this sector.

So, I spent all of Thursday within the four walls of a York hotel. Interesting presentations, I learnt so much and I’m pleased I went. But, I couldn’t visit places of interest, though hubby did.

We arrived late on Wednesday evening. After unpacking at the Malmaison Hotel, we decided to take a wander in the City to look for somewhere to eat, and to take a look around.

I was delighted to see the many independent shops beautifully decorated. It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that businesses seem to be on the up. I’m sure they’ve a way to go, but lots of effort has been put into making the City look inviting and in the spirit of what is usually a happy season. It provides a positive outlook.

There are places to eat galore and we stopped at the Ambient Tapas on Fossgate, not far from the Jorvik Viking Centre. it was busy, we were asked if we booked a table, and as we hadn’t, we sat downstairs near the bar. It was still very pleasant and the service was good. I was a bit disappointed with the Sangria – but I’ll say no more. We wanted something light to eat and choose a sharing option which was the vegetarian Mediterranean platter.

After the tapas we took another walk around, and came across York Minster. An impressive sight from the outside as it wasn’t open at night.

I didn’t do the touristy / visitor bits, but it is an excuse to go back to see more.

We ended the night by popping into Heavenly Desserts for coffee and sweets! Loved this eatery. It’s bright and airy, and inviting. As we approached the door it was opened immediately by a member of the team and we were invited in. Delicious, heavenly desserts! Their tag line reads dessert and friends, the perfect blend. And it is.

Só, in all, I can highly recommend a visit to York. I shall certainly take another trip back sometime.

My song for tonight? A Little Bit of Love by Tom Grennan. We were driving home this evening and I heard it – catchy tune and we have ‘a little bit of love’ for York – so it will be.

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